A day in the life of a healthy Model

When the majority of people think of modeling, they visualize high fashion magazines and runway shows. But there are lots of kinds of models.

I have done just about all of it, however, I spent the bulk of the career of mine as being a fit model.

What’s a fit model?

Here is what Wikipedia says:

A connecting model (sometimes fit model) is a person who is employed by a fashion designer or perhaps clothes company to examine the fit, obvious look as well as drape of a design on a’ real’ human being, effectively acting as a living mannequin.

This is a technically correct meaning, but it fails to account for the range of fun and problems which goes into the day in the lifespan of a healthy model.

I used to start my workdays at 5am in army fatigues driving the automobile downtown of mine ice hack recipe for weight loss – https://fontsarena.com, boot camp with a team of type A wall streeters to sweat and keep fit. With music blasting and singing at the top of the lungs of mine, I would be psyched to exercise by the time I pulled into the parking spot of mine outside of the gym.

Wherever I went, individuals were using clothes I had fit and I was all the time working… at the gym, at a charity event, everywhere people put on garments!

Even when I was not actually in a fitting, which has been almost 24/7, I’d be to ask females questions about the dresses they were wearing I had fit. I would shop the brands I fit as well as the competition, measure all the clothing, take photos of myself and others wearing the garments and offer clients electronic and written reports of how you can improve the garments we meet. All of the ladies at boot camp wore Gap Body undergarments and they also were major customers with great feedback (which made a fantastic start to the day.)